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Home-study / Distance-learning courses

See the links below for the detailed contents of each exam course. All our home-study / distance-learning courses are complete packages, so you do not need to purchase anything else. They include all the necessary learning material, exercises and practice exams. You are also able to purchase an additional e-mail help-line if you prefer to study with support. The exact cost of the package varies slightly according to your exact location because of differing courier costs to send you the material, but costs are within the following ranges. Please contact us for an exact quote and further information such as delivery times.

ACI Dealing Certificate: GBP 320 to 375 (plus extra GBP 250 if you choose the 3-month e-mail help-line)

ACI Diploma: GBP 460 to 550 (plus extra GBP 250 if you choose the 6-month e-mail help-line)

ACI Operations Certificate: GBP 220 to 275 (plus extra GBP 200 if you choose the 3-month e-mail help-line)

The following is a brief guide to the different courses:

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