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Our Training for the ACI Exams

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The ACI is the global professional association to which all the national ACI/Forex associations belong.

ACI exams are the principal professional qualifications in the field of FX, money markets and related areas, and are increasingly considered by banks and regulators as a key requirement. The exams are taken electronically, so that you take the exam on a day and time of your own choosing, at any one of many computerised exam centres around the world.

We have a great deal of experience in training for the ACI exams. Markets International is the training company chosen by ACI/Forex associations in countries across the world to run their exam courses.

We believe that we have regularly achieved better ACI exam results than any other training company.

As markets become increasingly sophisticated, dealers and other market participants must stay abreast of developments to ensure that they realise their potential. Banks must keep their employees professionally equipped in today's competitive environment.

To find out more about the ACI, click here: www.acifma.com

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